Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something New!

I have a mystery shared with me by someone in West Milford, I'll call her Anne. so we are going to look into this strange occurence. But first Shore Leave in Huntsville, Md is a few short weeks away so if you plan on attending the SciFI convention follow the link on the left pane of this site. There are lots of great Stars that will be there from Star Trek Next Generation, Voyager, and so much more!

Now back to the odd occurence in the skies of West Milford, NJ. While I cannot definitively solve what happened, and also I am sure that this isn’t the answer she wanted to hear, it is the only one my evidence pointed to. But, there are always other possibilities...

What happened is this witness told me of some fireballs in the sky around June 7-8th. She and several friends watched. Eight or twelve of them, fireballs with no streaming flame or tail behind them. When following up in the news, the papers, and the internet she found no mention of their appearance.

I started this investigation with a simple search of what events were reported on these days.---In Sewell, New Jersey for five minutes something bright was seen in the sky, not defined. In Pittstown, also New Jersey some orange-red lights were seen in the sky, Atlantic County had a few reports of Fireballs as did Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming.

Next I checked the usual suspects though I didn’t know of any meteors that were currently on the right track this June and although there was apparently no tail; but still I checked. The Anthelion Radiant was active that weekend. Their expected night time rate was 4 per hour, so twelve an hour would be extreme. [Located at 18:12 (273) 23] The trajectory of any meteors coming from there during that night, making down into the atmosphere without burning up would likely have a southeastern descent. Also would have to be rather large to survive this far, larger than a pebble, or a baseball for that matter, a basketball sounds right.

But would a meteor make it this far down in the atmosphere? Composed of stony matter wouldn’t stand a chance of survival, but one made of nickel-iron would have a prayer. But she did say there was no tail to them as they flew by...

Do all Meteors have tails? Yes and No. The reason they have a tail is the friction as they enter the atmosphere has them burning at extremely high temperatures. This then breaks off some of the matter of the Meteor forming a tail in the sky. Nickel-Iron has a melting point of around 1750 kelvin/2650 farenheit, it is theoretically possible, I’d put the likelihood around 5%. Of course it would have to be clean of other particles and dust, also possible. The atmosphere makes the meteor burn in the neighborhood of 2500-3000F. (So why doesn’t the shuttle burn. Two things, the correct angle and Silica.)

I don’t have enough to go on to find something specific, I am sorry to say. I would however in the spirit of SciFi like to explain something else, apply any thoughts to this if you like! Check out my next blog...Solar Portals (Or if you prefer, wormholes- They are real!!)

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