Sunday, July 1, 2012

Space is Simple, ‘God’ Particle will explain!

There are so many things 'we' make into more theories than necessary. Try to explain in many ways or simply stare at the sky and throw our arms up in the air. Yet the simple particle known as the God particle may answer it all.

Everything may be answered by a group of scientists in Cern. We may soon realize that one solution gives us the answer to all of our questions. Dark Matter, Electromagnetism, Communications in space, why do the planets orbit this way in one galaxy and that way in the next...

Recently (as recent as June 15th ) there are claims out of Cern that the elusive ‘God’ particle was spotted. The European Scientists are working against the clock to locate the ‘God’ particle definitively before the large Haldron Collider is brought down for a major upgrade in August. It is this concept of a ‘God’ particle that not only unifies the first three forces and leaves gravity all by its lonesome, but could be the answer to Dark Matter... And before you say but there needs to be mass to cause many of the situations associated with Dark Matter: Currently these same physicists have considered how these particles might grab mass when they are first introduced to the primordial molasses that is the Universe. That would help explain the mass we attribute to Dark Matter which makes up the majority of the mass of the universe.

I tend to believe all this has something to do with our ‘seeing’ planets that like the ‘dancing black holes’ previously noted, are involved in some cosmic dance. Perhaps our communications in space, how everything is held together out there, and how things appear to us will all be answered by the same thing.

Many people try to make all of space full of equations that determine imaginary things – I think it is far simpler, we just need the key. We rely on our vision to the point where it is detrimental, what with Waltzing Black Holes and Dancing Planets. I think we need to listen to logic, or wait to figure it out before our trust is so freely given.

Let’s see what Cern comes up with and then we can definitely say that In God we trust!

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