Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solar Portals (Wormholes-for real!)

NASA’s polar spacecraft has located hidden portals that connect the Earth’s magnetic field to the Sun, 93 million miles away.What does this mean to us? These portals open and close several times a day allowing energetic particles to heat the Earth’s upper atmosphere, the geomagnetic field to encounter the solar storms, starting geomagnetic storms, and igniting the polar Aurora’s.

This is something out of a SciFi movie! Portals, wormholes, shortcuts through space...Physicist Jack Shudder calls them 'electron diffusion regions.’

It is an uninterupted path from inside our atmosphere to inside the Sun’s atmosphere. From miniscule with a short life to large and stable, these portals exist all over the area of our poles. Question; what does that mean anything can now can travel through to Earth without traveling through the atmosphere, our buffer? YES and NO. Most likely there are size limitations, and they would have to be exactly where a portal opens up at the exact time, before it closes...

You get the idea; This is potentially a huge discovery! Take it another step, where else are they? And how can we locate them?

NASA is preparing a 2012 mission called “MMS” (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) to study them in more detail. This mission will consist of four separate spacecraft that will circle the earth and find the “X-points” where the portals exist.Their sensors will be set up to pick up on the five simple combinations of magnetic and energetic field measurements.

It is a long time to wait for John Doe, but not that long in Science, considering. Perhaps when it comes time to flee the earth, we can find the short-cuts that will make a trip to another galaxy, perhaps a black hole (as in Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission) a little quicker!

Actually, take this discovery ten or fifteen years forward; maybe we can travel with out the ship!

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