Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arrogance of Man

There are certain so called scientific assumptions that leak such incredible arrogance that I can’t keep quiet. Back in 2010 NASA astro-biologist Felisa Wolfe-Simon announced that she had found the incredible: a bacteria thriving in what was considered an uninhabitable environment, an arsenic rich and phosphorous depleted lake in California.

The reason this finding is believed not to have merit? Man views phosphorous as one of the six essential ingredients for life, so it is impossible that something contrary to that belief could be discovered.

Two studies done recently claim that the life form discovered is actually arsenic resistant and phosphorous dependant. HUH? How did a bacteria living in an arsenic rich and phosphorous depleted environment become phosphorous dependant and arsenic resistant? By the way, they state that these claims can’t tear down the previous findings.

Unrelated but in the same vein; there is a fish that lives in a cave (Cuerve de Villa de Luz) where life forms are in a closed off, bio-sphere with no outside contact. The fish lives in a river of acid. More?...In South America, the scientists behind the research being done by the University of Boulder Colorado have found bacteria, fungi, and another organism known as archaea living in the harsh environment of the many volcanoes. Considered similar to the environment on Mars, this is most interesting and I hope ‘man’ will listen.

Man has somehow convinced himself that life can only happen as it did here, that our way is the only way. Man forgets that life always finds a way. As long as we look for aliens that need water to survive, breathe oxygen and look like us, we will be alone in the Universe.

It is possible that we may already have evidence of aliens and be too stubborn to recognize it!

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