Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I’m taking a quick break from chatting about this scientific discovery or that thought on aliens to say hello to those of you from Twitter here for the first time.

My name is Mary Louise Davie and I am the author of ‘Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission’ which is due out this Summer on eBook and the Fall in print. I will give you a brief synopsis and then return to our originally scheduled programs.

Okay: We begin our story with Sanacion in the beginning, before the mission has taken off. We see all that Earth has become; a place of protective suits and oxygen tanks. There are wild weather fluctuations and three ships up at the moon ready to steer mankind’s future. There are two things about this mission to save mankind:1) It is a mission of the entire world united as one. When the Earth starting its downfall, the few brilliant and courageous people from all over the world knew their solution was to act together and 2) There is a lottery where EVERYONE gets a chance at going via one of the three ships in dry dock up in the zero gravity environment of the moon . (The three ships are: The Memnoch, the Clinton, or the Sanacion.) The adventure starts before mankind can leave and many hazards threaten to end their hopes, after they leave, new issues as the journey begins; inward & outward, that is to say Space: Asteroids, Deuterium, Gravity, Light Year/Distance, the Black Hole, … & mankind with his fear-mongering about everything from a political leader to lead the Civilian Nation to a break between military and civilian to the final straw, the Black Hole. (They knew the mission before they volunteered for this ship!)

So – that’s the basics of Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission.

*This blog checks out different discoveries, I promise to write about different updates be it about Kepler finding a new Earth or Martians invading…occasionally I will speak of Sanacion. And as always I will consider the human element in science as it develops, or when it develops, or if it develops….

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