Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Contact

Supposedly ‘WE’ have a plan. If ‘WE’ as a country encounter aliens we will do the following,

Observe: at first from a safe distance
to judge if hostile or not.

Observe and secure specimens (both plants &
intelligent beings)

Allow our presence to be witnessed – by a
large amount of the beings,
showing that we are not hostile.

Finally; contact/ attempt communications.

So- how many of you think this is what we would actually do? Also, how fair would it be to try and do to them what we say ‘they’ have been doing to us? Abduct, run tests on, we’d be another world’s made for TV movie! Plus, how kindly do you think they would take to us when we finally do attempt communications if we had been abducting them and performing tests?

There is a SciFi story that has a lone group of voyagers who haven’t seen anybody in space EVER and have been far from home for AGES when they encounter a spaceship. Wonder of wonder it is filled with people just like them. They beam onto the other ship and laugh and talk and visit, share pictures of their families and talk of seeing each other again and go back to their own ship to return to Earth. Next the Captain say to the 2nd in charge to blow them up. The reason? ‘They might follow us home.’ Okay, I am obviously cutting stuff out big time, but when it comes down to it, man’s instincts haven’t been all that warm and fuzzy. I think odds are that fear will be our main response and a first strike will be our answer. That we haven’t seen any aliens as of yet may not mean they aren’t there, but we may be known as the ‘wrong kind of people’! Be the area that they drive around, don’t want to break down out here!

Perhaps when we journey out of the Solar System they will be there. Or perhaps they are like us. No, not two hands, two feet…but a young race not steady on their space feet – just beginning to explore the universe, one rocket at a time.

Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission… As much a story about mankind as it is about space-adventure. There is the reason you do it; often a need- like oh- say the Earth has become Oxygen depleted, there is the science-both to go and to survive. Still, in everything there is inclusion of the story of man-kind. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Any trip, especially one where you have a few 100,000 civilians along, you’re going to get everything from the ‘I’m bored’, to the ‘Are we there yet?’, and then there’s the ever popular – ‘I don’t want to get crushed by the Singularity!’

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