Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mixed Bag

Waltzing Black Holes – I saw an interesting program on the Science Channel the other night and you all know how much I am intrigued by Black Holes. Waltzing Black Holes are two black holes found together at the center of at least 33 of our galaxies. This would seem to be an indication of two galaxies having merged somehow.
In my book Sanacion: The Black Hole mission I deal with the prospect of a mission that in a rush to save mankind from certain death on Earth, the people of the Sanacion face the unknown, a black hole. This provides interesting fodder for perhaps a different mission? Oh course they’d have to survive the First. (I intend to read up on this and do a post on the topic.)

The search for an audible trace of E.T. is about to get a boost, and a big one! It is called LOFAR (the Low Frequency Array) and it consists of banks of antennas – 48 states worth! Also there are groupings in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. All these are connected by fiber-optic cables and then their signals are combined by a supercomputer. VOILA! The biggest radio telescope EVER!

Area 51 – Once THE area for Aliens in the know, Area 51 has reportedly shut its doors and spread its mission out to other confidential sites north, south, east, and west. It was actually is perfect. Several years back the president (Clinton) finally admitted its existence on the record which was helpful to a lawsuit against then Area 51, and then soon thereafter, it no longer existed. Still, I’d watch this area, if you are one of those that care. What smarter play to get people off your scent then to close down and leave and then a while later sneak back in the middle of the night?

SciFi – SciFi is such a vast, all encompassing genre. I read all the Hard Science magazines because I want to, but then I read the trades for what I do, magazines like SciFi which is actually quite good and has great critiques of books and movies. I just received and read the latest issue and it continues to amaze me all that the genre contains! First in actually having ‘space’ involved there are things from movies about John Carter & Mars to a prison break in space (sounds really kewl!). Then, there are books that peruse topics such as Time Travel, the future worlds with varying problems and strange solutions, all different sorts of books with immortals, aliens, my favorite- the story that combines the not so future disasters of this world with the actions of mankind. To me you combine mankind with just about anything scientific and it is a recipe for, well, disaster! Finally the last main area is Fantasy. From Anime to cool fantasy worlds that many a game is later based on, it is a branch of the SciFi tree that really deserves its own sapling, but that’s okay, we’ll take it! I kind of like the variety in my chosen genre, all it means is I have to add some adjectives when I explain what my books are about. Yes – I write SciFi – Space Adventures – well, that involve some social issues, you know real people and relationships, but definitely space and definitely SciFi!

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