Monday, February 20, 2012

So, I'll get a question out of the way and then ask you all a question. Don't be shy I really want to know!!

First - The question I was asked is what is Sanacion. Sanacion is one of three ships that the countries of Earth construct to save man-kind. It is shaped like a small planet and is about as big. The mass alone allows for natural gravity. It has 1609 floors, three layers of reinforced Carbon-nanotube/scaffolding, a tetra-neutron core that gives it a greater mass, 3 observatories, a mall, restaurants, churches, even manufacturing plants. Sanacion is the Spanish word for Healing. And so the ship the Sanacion has the most difficult mission of traveling down a black hole and using some deadly devices that theoretically will lead to a new home and hence mankinds 'sanacion'.

Now; I want to know what you think about aliens...Are they out there; are they humanoid; No?; Are they giant Kangaroos?;Intelligent? Share!

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