Monday, February 20, 2012

Sanacion: a view of the novel & of me

Sanación: A Black Hole Mission - Okay so you're are here! WELCOME!! This blog is about everything from My novel, to writing in general to Physics or even Math, Is the universe finite? etc! You decide and I'll follow.

To get us started I thought first I'd give a little background about me and then my next blog will answer some of the questions I have been e-mailed both on Facebook and on twitter:

First, I was raised in Scotch Plains, NJ in Union County, on the south side of town. It was more rural when I grew up so I had fun climbing trees and sledding through the trees (kids don't try this at home!) and doing what I call cross country which is skating in the brook and around all the big rocks and fallen trees.

I attended Scotch Plains Fanwood H.S. where my mother was an English teacher, taught me all the classics when I was in grammmar school and was big on vocabulary & grammmar. My dad is a musician having written such hits as Green Door, Little Man in Chinatown and many others also worked with everyone from Louis Armstrong to Oliver to the Four Seasons to Linda Scott. He has a Grammy Nomination and though he has been retired for ages, still writes every day....But I digress...

I did college, first at University of Maryland, then at County College of Morris, the New Jersey University, Chubb Institute for Programming, Viceroy Tech for my MCSE, and then at Montclair State University and I very much want to go back for a Masters in Theoretical Physics or Cosmology...something like that!

Now I live up in rural West Milford. Great place to live! I don't mind driving to anywhere else as long as I can come home to West Milford, maybe see the sunset on one of the hundreds of lakes and view the huge night sky through my telescope!

I've written poetry, songs, short stories and now novels since I was in grammar school. It's just something I do. It's kinda like I HAVE to. And it is fun, hard work, sometimes seems imposible and then I face it again the next day!!!

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  1. I can't wait to get the book. Hope it's put on the Kindle or some e-book format. Dont want to kill any trees! In keeping with the premise of the book.