Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Views on Aliens

Here is my view: I think that some of us, okay a lot of us, are going to be very surprised by Aliens should we finally meet them! (And I DO think they exist! It's just arrogant to think we're the only ones!!) We are the way 'we' are based on the atmosphere, elements, temperature etc. To assume that others would have two arms and two legs and walk upright is just odd to me..There are caves that are completely cut off from the outside world and really quite beautiful, but different in that they are a closed system with pools of acid or even rivers of acid. In these rivers are the strangest thing, living, breathing animals. How is this possible? I thought you had to have water & oxygen?...That's why I think many of us will be surprised! By not allowing for different formats for life, we have probably missed some along the way. I am trying to take point out this fact by my choice of aliens in Sanacion: We Are The Aliens, the sequel for Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, but I am trying to consider that there MAY be a two armed, two legged, 'human' type as well or even a 'Grey' (or is it gray?)
I am trying to follow the science and then develop a fiction around it. (get it? Science Fiction?!) Sorry....I digress, I develop an atmosphere and then try to figure out how the being would evolve. Heady-huh? But I gotta admit, it would be kewl to be out there and meet something for the first time!
Hey! Here's something to think about! If you were the first one to meet an alien and he (obviously) didn't speak English, maybe he squawked or something, how would you convey to him that you were an intelligent being and conversely find out if he were and basically begin communications? Think about it! It could happen and you don't want to be ill-prepared!!!
That's all for now!

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