Wednesday, November 20, 2013

US Pacific coast - the ocean is becoming 80% more acidic than was predicted; Is this a prequel to Sanacion?

In the beginning of Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, we start on Earth. We see what has been going on that has made traveling to the stars in search of a new home so necessary. There are the constant Sun Storms making airplanes and casual flight impossible, there is the air that humans can no longer breathe requiring they wheel oxygen tanks behind them, the acidity and other poisons in the air which has made it necessary to wear protective gear. The poles have reversed; the Americas are a frozen tundra, Europe a dessert; and probably saddest of all, all life in the oceans has died. Slowly at first, and the Earth tried to revive them. A filtration plant off the coast of Cuba was attempted to try and heal the Coral Reefs first. It failed. After the whales died, one of the oceans last creatures alive, there was disease, crop failures, famine…not a pretty picture.  But think; is this our future for real?

In many Sci Fi stories we see aliens arrive here on Earth seeking to find their own new world as they tear through the Universe using each planets resources up and moving on to the next. Maybe it is easier to imagine that is what they do when we are really not all that different.

REAL LIFE; Off the US Pacific coast the ocean is becoming 80% more acidic than was predicted. This is according to a study completed by a Richard Feeley at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab in Seattle. Remember the Dolphins washings up, how about the fish in the gulf, soon, the squid. The theory is that the squid can only thrive in waters that are not only at a certain temperature but of a certain acidity level and oxygen as well. Keep in mind that as each member of the Ocean Society dies off it leaves a hole in the food chain. That hole plus the conditions which led to the first member’s death will then lead to more deaths – it becomes a vicious cycle that only repeats with more frequency.

In ocean’s, oxygen normally gets dissolved from the atmosphere, some is added from the aquatic plant life, and every bit is needed. Between 50%-80% of the oxygen we take into our lungs every day comes thanks to the ocean. Makes the oceans seem more important now, doesn’t it?

400 million years ago enough oxygen accumulated not just to allow the formation or evolution of land animals but also three atoms of oxygen became one and it gave way to the ozone. This then protected us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the Sun - the Ozone is the blanket that shields the Earth. A greenhouse gas, the ozone works to moderate day and night temperatures and permits the heat of the nitrogen or oxygen to dissipate; the Ozone layer also protects us humans from skin cancers and cataracts, and allows us to grow crops such as wheat and rice.

And the lesson in this? This report on our oceans becoming more acidic was given to our UN and many other organizations of a scientific nature. This is just one front where we are seeing the effects of Climate Change. Every time there is a new report done we hear that something got worse at a rate faster than the models. Each model is more severe than the last, so remember to take that into account. Consider this more than a warning, consider this a call  to arms!

There are those that say that this is a phase, that surely we can take resources, frack,drill baby drill, illegally dump waste, have CO2 emissions and basically just keep on going. Yeah, it’s a phase, a phase that ends with the Earth purging itself of humans. “They” need to realize, it may not kill the Earth, perhaps it will be here for millions of years, but that doesn’t mean we will!

I am a writer, not a fortune teller; please don’t make me into one.



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