Friday, November 22, 2013

Neutrinos from Outer Space hit the slopes at the South Pole?

Well not exactly, but they are at the South pole and they did come from space. The team examining them at this time thinks that these tiny neutrinos might explain the origins of the universe. Apparently these sub-atomic space-travelers were hiding out, frozen, in a bed of ice. Their origin? It is believed to be outside the solar system and perhaps the galaxy.

It is possible that these tiny little particles will give way to insights on how black holes, pulsars, and other wonders work.

If one were to think about it, back away from this and see the big picture this could also give way to Sci Fi style inventions. Neutrinos are high energy and can escape things in a way that photons cannot. This is especially true out among dense astrophysical environments.

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