Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deep space Traffic Jam

Make that Deepspace Network Traffic Jam. For quite some time some at NASA have warned of an impending Network Traffic Jam. Now in an effort to free this jam up it has been suggested to place a supercomputer on the moon; Lunar Based Networking. Combine this concept with NASA’s LCRD (Laser Communications Relay Demonstration) and everything is taken care of – the computer power the Laser Communications which cuts through all the busy data plans and cell phone communications that are eating up the air space.

The thoughts are to bury this supercomputer in one of the craters on the moon in one of its more frigid regions facing away from Earth and al the chatter. This would allow it to use extremely efficient materials in order to move around the electricity. And actually this ties in so much that NASA is already planning that it makes sense. Think about it, if you’re already going to have a moon outpost, and your already developing the greatest communications satellite, and you plan on having all these missions out in deeper space that would benefit from direct access to the computer and…well you get the idea.

The only foreseeable problem is that Ouliang Chang the concepts originator sees the computer as being water cooled. Not very likely until we know how much water exists at the poles. Also if we built an outpost, then we need that water; we can't be continually supply it, that just isn't smart.

– Oh, I know! We could have powdered water. (You know the powder that when mixed with water becomes…Never Mind!)

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