Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Leap of Faith

I am covering this not because it holds great scientific value, not because I am totally behind this stunt, but because I am jaw dropping amazed at this man’s audacity and have to admit I am curious to hear what happens if not watch it!

There’s this Australian Daredevil and this is the stunt he plans on doing on Monday October 8th: Fearless Felix as he is known plans on jumping from 23 miles above the earth and free falling for about five minutes, reaching speeds of 690 mph.

Because of the cold airless virtual vacuum that he will be jumping into where the pressure will be 1% the air pressure on Earth, he will be protected by a spacesuit and helmet. The further down he falls the denser the atmosphere will get until his body slows down enough for him to pull the parachutes main cord.

Red Bull is sponsoring the jump and it will be carried live in a webcast on the internet. That means it could be either one cool jump or one gruesome video all in front of millions of viewers. **I’LL POST THE SITE WHEN I AM SURE WHAT IT IS!**

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