Monday, August 13, 2012


It’s funny really. The people of Earth are so arrogant as to assume that aliens are all humanoid and I had thought the arrogance ended there, but no. Apparently the people of Earth can expect aliens to look exactly like them but would find it hard to believe that another planet could have the same teutonic plates as we do. (Just a quick refresher: the Earth is comprised of seven or eight major plates and they are in a constant motion which has them running into each other in one area and at one location in the ocean floor creating new mass. Thanks to this process the surface of the Earth remains the same.) That’s a very basic definition, but it probably rings a bell now. Well, they believe that’s what Mars used to experience. And possibly has some still active faults although just once in a great while.

Mars is a silica planet much like us. As a silica planet it used to have liquid water (and supposedly as recent as 2 billion years ago.) Basically how it goes is a silica based planet is (we think) usually a terrestrial planet, a terrestrial planet, has plates and also liquid and a liquid has a freezing point and a boiling point so that leads to the inevitable occurrences of teutonic plate shift and that of course is when one has Earthquakes as we call them here. On Mars they have Marsquakes and landslides.

So as the rover Curiosity spends more time on Mars the scientists are hoping to discover more of Mars history and geology.

One final note that contradicts this above; When I was researching all the above statements I found that Titan is also believed to have Teutonic Plates. Seems to me then it shouldn’t have been so surprising, no?

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