Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is the Higgs Field and the Higgs boson?

There is much new discovery of late that just assumes you understand what is at the heart of it all, the Higgs Field.

The Higgs field is all of space. It is the particles moving through it, picking up mass (assummed because of their interactions). Due to this mass these particles are uniquely able to bind together and form the objects that we visualize as normal ones throughout space.

The Higgs boson refers to the vibration within the Higgs field, theoretically this is created when a high enough amount of energy runs through the field, like bouncing a ball in a puddle and the waves that it sends out. The LHC(the Large Hadron Collider located in Cern) is the world’s highest energy particle collider, and the location of all the recent excitement. Its claim to fame is that it makes collisions thowing particles around with such speed that then we can observe the Higgs boson, at least that is the hope.

All this is theoretical, for now, but getting less and less so of late and soon they may be able to put it down as fact.

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