Monday, July 16, 2012

Solar Flares & SpaceX – (two of my favorite topics)


Today – Monday, July 16th Space Experts are holding their collective breath as the latest solar bursts are due to bombard Earth. Last week the major coronal eruption occurred sending a wave of charged solar plasma towards Earth.

Solar flares are the magnetic energy that is in the Sun and is released through the interaction of an acceleration of these particles. The sudden release of this energy can expand outward in a coronal mass ejection which is what has happened. They typically erupt in areas of the Sun known to have stronger magnetic fields to begin with.

These coronal mass ejections are rated A, B, C, M, or X, X being the most severe. The current Solar flare is rated X1.4, one of the strongest we can expect of the Sun. Expect in the next several hours!

It is possible, just possible that the resulting geomagnetic storm experienced on Earth will result in New York having an aurora/Northern lights display.

*note: Solar flares are of great interest to me because they play a big part in the beginning of Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission. When I first wrote of it, it was just a possibility in my mind. Now with X rating coronal mass ejections becoming common place, I wonder ; how much was fiction?!


SpaceX takes on and successfully accomplishes goals that rest along the way to space.

You who have read this blog all along know of my interest with this entire program. I am excited to see us get to space and with cut-backs etc. it looks as if commercial is the only way to go. I also believe that commercial may be safer. Existing only under the watchful eye of NASA, may make them remain watchful themselves in ways perhaps NASA wouldn’t be of its own spacecraft.

SpaceX has passed its review with NASA of everything from the modification of launch facilities for this new spacecraft to its living arrangements, docking capabilities, and ground landing abilities. It even includes the safety features in the abort system – from during launch to on their way to the trip home.

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is designed to carry 7 astronauts either to space or back from space. This most recent success means that they are ready to prepare for their next step along the way and be able to launch the Dragon into space with people aboard by the middle of the decade.

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