Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who is DARPA?

DARPA is many faces, but to put it in perspective, DARPA is area 51 times 10^6 and not so small minded.DARPA is a black ops wing of world class scientist and brilliant minds working on things that you & I call SciFi. They recognize that failure is worth it when success means sooo much payoff!

So, what have they done? Well, that is a tough one to answer. Since DARPA was set-up in such a way; like a non-governmental agency.DARPA maintains a free flow of ideas and hypothesis’ by a set-up that instead of a pyramid is more like a square with just 2 levels of management ensuring an easy flow of ideas and decision-making but also enabling working with out being under a microscope of bureaucratic or public oppression.

...But I’ll try...They have had areas that handled the Defense Sciences, Information Services & Technology, Micro-technology, Strategic technology, and my personal favorite, the Tactical Technology which is currently working on some sort of space delivery vehicle for Satellites and always they aim to accomplish more than just the original goal. Past projects have been rumored to include both weapon systems for subs and ships to an exo-skeleton for our soldiers.

But what about space? They are working on building a spaceship that is capable of travel to the stars. And they use many ways to get this accomplished. Contests, scholarship, awards & prizes, all the things that the standard government should but doesn’t use.

DARPA is how we can have a problem for a decade or so but how we can wake up to find we have the solution seemingly from thin air. They are the unsung heros, the braniacs. It’s likely that if development of the Sanacion, Memnoch and Clinton ships (the ships of Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission), DARPA would be heavily involved in say the engines, the lasers, the Deuterium collection devices or methods. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were building those ships with the necessary technologies now on the “Dark Side" of the moon!

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