Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where do we go from here?

What are the chances that we will colonize somewhere in our neighborhood. In Sanacion:The Black Hole Mission we go beyond this Solar System, way beyond. Makes sense, really. Here are our options if we stay here:

Moon-Been there, done that, might go back/who knows!

Saturn-Can’t live on Saturn because there is no ground. However it’s moon Titan is very Earth-like and has potential. Also, maybe one day we will be able to add some element to the gaseous mix and Voila, a terrestrial planet!

Venus-The main reason has to do with the temperature. Venus is about about 500°C +/- 32°C, and the atmosphere is CO2 and the weather is not great. It is a volcanic wasteland. Basically we might be able to figure a work around for just one area that we need like to overcome like oxygen or water. But all of them?

Jupiter-Like Saturn, Jupiter is a big ball of gas. And while Jupiter would be a bad idea, a better idea might be something in the neighborhood. That way we could exploit the many available elements and materials.

Uranus-Gravitational Pull-would crush out our skeletons.No Oxygen at least not the breathable sort. The radiation is of lethal levels and if that isn’t enough; scientists believe Uranus’ transit will one day result in a collision. Do you need more?

Pluto: Too cold for a start. No food source, no oxygen, and not real sure about the atmosphere. We would have to live in a bubble, a terrarium and manufacture a place that plant growth and other foodstuff. It does have a solid surface, but we would have to rely on technology always being there for us. One mis-step and ooops!

Mars-Actually. At the moment we know very little about Mars. But we are scheduled to learn more and more. Right now it is way too cold. The resources we need such as water are sparce. Oh, and it is currently filled with CO2. Should we visit Mars? Definitely. Should we colonize Mars. I’ll get back to you!

Mercury-Probably is in the same boat as Mars. We don’t necessarily know enough to make that commitment now, but the temperature do fluctuate quite a bit (highs and lows!) Their gravity situation with Mars? We can’t add gases for a change as there is no atmosphere, they would just evaporate into space. Worth looking into, but don’t pack!

Neptune-Did you know that Neptune's atmosphere contains a thick layer of clouds and the temperature on its cloud ... That there are storms all over the plant, possibly hurricane and tornados. It is made of Hydrogen, Helium and Methane. There’s no gravity and it is a bullseye for comets and meteors.

So that’s you guide to the solar system. Not a very hospitable neighborhood, but there is some promise. We could set up weigh stations to deep space on a few. Maybe just not live there!

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