Friday, April 13, 2012

Mars = finances = innovation

There has been much talk in the papers and on the talk news shows that America isn’t really behind the idea of space exploration. That if we could have a benefit to going people might want to go, but with the current financial crisis…..AMERICA! GUESS WHAT!! Anytime we do something like this we are going to have a number of new products come out of this space venture even before we leave. First there are inventions to get us there, then there are inventions because of emergencies and things we had to figure out, and then there are the new elements we discover…

People don’t realize how much economics are affected by the shock and awe of exploration. From our trip to the moon alone we have 1400 documented inventions. Did you know that the Speedo was developed in conjunction with NASA who used their expertise on reducing drag and applied to the swimsuit?

Mars is merely a gleam in some scientists eyes and already we have tents being developed by Engineering students. These tents can withstand radiation and all anticipated elements. Scientists are developing new kinds of vehicles - remember, Mars has less than half Earth's gravity and almost twice the moons gravity so there are different needs.

And those are the only kinds of inventions. When we went to the moon it lead to the development of CAT scans, Dialysis machines, water purification systems, inventions for the home, for athletes, and the list goes on. Maybe we can't afford not to go.

Perhaps 15 years from now we'll go to Mars and our kids will be wearing "My parents went to Mars and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!" and Speedos!

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  1. Ok, I'm all for space exploration, but t-shirts and speedo's? How 70's! Clothing will be disposable and bio-degradeble soon. Speedo's will be at the Smithsonian (way in back).