Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Julian Barbour. (A man who aims to take the Einstein out of relativity. )

I have never been able to wrap my head around one thing seemingly so simple and yet so much a part of many equations and concepts – and that thing is time. Space-time to be more specific. I don’t know what language to use, but it doesn’t pass the “smell-test” with me. I have often felt very alone in this thought, laughed at! We could do an after-school special on me and time. And then I read a quote that said what I couldn’t. “It is a measure of how space changes but not a fundamental component of it.”

Julian Barbour is the man who aims to take the Einstein out of relativity. Since the early 1960’s Julian has gone about the re-invention of the fundamental theories that led to Relativity. Only WITHOUT using time as a component. Barbour was able, with fellow Physicist Bruno Bertotti of Italy, to come up with a new theory of gravity that is as accurate as Einstein’s general relativity, but stays away from time.

Without using Newton’s grid and staying away from 4 dimensions (but having a curved space) Julian seems to be on to something big. He has taken Physics back a step and now forward again. It is possible that he will take his theories where Einstein could not take his own. Perhaps Julian can bring the Quantum Sciences and Relativity to a Theory of Everything.

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