Saturday, March 24, 2012

SciFi - Yes there are rules!

I am sure we have all read the SciFi novel or more likely watched the space drama where some fight scene disregards the truths of space to have a loud flaming destructive scene where everything, fire included, reacts as if it were in an oxygenated atmosphere, noise is tremendous and thunderous. Basically it could be a battle anywhere on the known planet, not really something about a place far, far away.

I believe that the science NEEDS to make sense. If I can't relax and know everything is plausible about the environment, I can't relax and write, much less enjoy a book or movie. It's like nails on a chaulkboard!

So if what you seek is the real thing, the perils of space and the problems of the unknown, if you don't want an author to lie to you, I give you: Sanacion-The Black Hole Mission. Coming in e-book this Summer and in print this Fall.

You see, there are rules. Tell it like you were there, experience it as if it is going on for real. And that can only happen if your mind is not going 'Yeah, but that can't happen!" or "But what are the odds? Really?"

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