Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dark space thick?

I have been wondering about this thing 'they' call Dark Matter. So let me get this straight, when cruising around the Universe in say my spaceship, Sanacion, Memnoch, or the Clinton - I reccommend the Sanacion, will I be traveling through a thick syrup like space? If dark matter takes up so much of the universe, where is it?

What evidence do we have? Well, basically more forces acting on galaxies than we can account for by the gravity we know to be there. And stronger...Hmmmm. What about the other forces - gravitation, weak interaction, strong interaction, and electromagnetism.

What do we know about electromagnetism? It is vastly stronger than gravity, and it is everywhere. The charged particles of the gases, the dust particles, the solar flares, basically every little atom, all the chemical bonds, the spinning around the poles, the combined forces of the electric forces and the magnetic forces.

Is it possible, just possible that we need to consider the forces other than gravity before we look for a mysterious Dark Matter?....I'm just saying!

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