Saturday, March 10, 2012

Science and Writing and Blogs

I've been perusing other blogs for most of this morning (I know it is only 8:36am but I get up at 4am every day) both about writing and about space, more specifically the universe and aliens.

First as to the blogs about writing, I found some of them pretty good with a gem every so often and then others that were a tad jaded. One, and I wish I had written it down, the people posting were soooo helpful about things from techniques and styles to how to block out the rest of the world. THAT one I really liked and have to try and find it again!

Second - as to the blogs about different takes on space then my own personal view. Well, at first I read some of them with a somewhat you have to be kidding attitude but then I realized that there is a reason all our differing standpoints are called
theories, there is no proof, well, that we have as of YET. My views are based
on research into the views specifically long before I decided to write a book.
That was just the end result, but I based my theories in science and math and all those inconvenient things. I don't believe in approaching Math with infinity, and many true mathematicians will agree, so I’m, sure the other answers can be backed by Math, just not be the Math that I like. I guess what I am saying is, the truth will bear somebody out. Until then any one of us COULD be right. But I'm betting on me.

I'm just saying!

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