Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Science meets Hollywood NASA's goes futuristic for its Mars rover concept vehicle

NASA has now availed itself of the cool futuristic designs we had always expected but never got. For around 40 years now we have been the recipients of data coming to us from the Red Planet. Our unmanned rovers have looked like blocks of machines, miniaturized and a camera on a stick. OK, not quite so bad, but they have been what they needed to be and weren’t made for some intergalactic beauty contest; But not so our extraterrestrial machine designed for the (coming closer & closer) future. 

It has a little bit of the Batman mobile look from the recent films. The design has six wheels and a futuristic exterior design with a minimalistic interior design that screams ‘you’re not in Kansas anymore’. The Mars concept vehicle is 11 feet tall, 24 feet long and 13 feet wide – certainly an imposing size.

Well there is a reason why the design for the manned rover looks like something we’d expect in the future – the design for the giant rover was made by the Parker brothers, Shanon and Marc. If that sounds familiar at all it is because the twosome’s movie fame. They ‘made their mark’ designing the futuristic motorcycles in Tron. The best part, Shanon admits part of the design was just to make it cool.

Now the inside seats 4 and drives like an SUV. They even have a lab in the back.


Now this vehicle won't go to Mars. It’s meant for an earthbound mission to educate future scientists about the red planet.

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