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I realize that Climate Change is strangely a hot button topic – some disbelieving in it  regardless of the majority of the scientific community accepting it. Donald Trump, most of the Republicans, and perhaps a few others believe that it is a hoax. To them, I say this – a survey found that 97% of climate scientists agreed that global temperatures had increased during the past 100 years. 84% are in agreement that human-induced warming is occurring. AND HERE IS where the republicans hang their hat – only 74% agree that currently available scientific evidence substantiates its occurrence.

While I won’t even go into how crazy it is to even allow the non-scientists to grade the scientists, I will counter with this.

SUPPOSE there is only this pendulum that swings far to the left and then far to the right and let it represent our climate. Suppose right now it is off to the far left. Now, additionally do you think can we expect that pendulum to swing a little farther, maybe move a little slower under the weight of humanity? Think of it, there used to be no cars, no homes, factories, industry of any kind, any real or lasting carbon footprint. So it is hard to imagine that the human element doesn’t account for something. Now I am not asking you to believe that climate change is a real thing, just imagine the extra weight on that pendulum due to the human coefficient. So according to your understanding of this it is all going to shift back to the other extreme, after all its just doing what it has always done but a little more severely and slowly. OK, so in it occurring with this extra severity what are the costs. Sure, we have already established that it’s just the norm on steroids, we’ll shift back eventually, but at what cost?  Think of the storms, the crop failures in certain parts of the country and longer growing seasons in some (which sounds good but…), the oceans warming hence killing much of the sea life, droughts & heat waves (which translates into draws on energy for those of us that use A/C, black outs…), hurricanes that are stronger and more intense, the sea level that will & is rising (you can’t deny that! Global sea level has risen by about 8 inches since reliable record keeping began in 1880. It is projected to rise another 1 to 4 feet by 2100), Arctic likely to become ice free (and by the way not only will this lead to what some might consider possibly good – such as a new trade route due to no icebergs in the way, but war over access to those waters)…I could go on & on but let’s pretend we are the sort of American that apparently thinks only of America seeing and how it is affected. Consider the following;

NORTHWEST AMERICA: Changes in the timing of streamflow reduce water supplies for competing demands. Sea level rise, erosion, inundation, risks to infrastructure and increasing ocean acidity pose major threats. Increasing wildfire, insect outbreaks and tree diseases are causing widespread tree die-off.

SOUTHEAST AMERICA: Sea level rise poses widespread and continuing threats to the region’s economy and environment. Extreme heat will affect health, energy, agriculture and more. Decreased water availability will have economic and environmental impacts.

MIDWEST AMERICA: Extreme heat, heavy downpours and flooding will affect infrastructure, health, agriculture, forestry, transportation, air and water quality, and more. Climate change will also exacerbate a range of risks to the Great Lakes.

SOUTHWEST AMERICA: Increased heat, drought and insect outbreaks, all linked to climate change, have increased wildfires. Declining water supplies, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts in cities due to heat, and flooding and erosion in coastal areas are additional concerns.


I guess what I am getting at is this. If you are a Climate Denier or a Climate Change believer, either camp, there is a problem, forget the details of the cause, SAVE THE EARTH, SAVE AMERICA, SAVE MANKIND!

OKAY – so we’re good? See the importance? Okay, then probably since we have to work on making this better we should continue to meet with the rest of world as a solution sought by one is made simpler by the many, don’t you think?

Now should you think you are being disloyal to your party, well, relax, that’s not true. Climate Change was first championed by President George W Bush.







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