Thursday, October 27, 2016

Alien Light Pulses or …..

Last October, as in a year ago, aliens first made the news…correction these ‘aliens’ first made the news. Actually the report last year this time was with regard to one particular star though now with more than 2 million surveyed, 234 are found to be sending out some sort of signal in the form of pulses of light.

OR there is another explanation for it. All are possibilities, so is the alien concept – but none are facts. 

Take a neutron star. It can emit a constant radio signal but given that it could sweep like a lighthouse Earth would detect it only when the star emissions were facing toward Earth.

Another thought – we are not alone in the meteor shower phenomenon. But alas they may explain the syncopated signal. 

Yet another might be black holes. Material that is circling a black hole has at times been reported as flares of light. The flares have been known to offer a rhythmic pattern of light pulses. It has been theorized that there are more suspected black holes than were originally thought.

These are merely thoughts off the top of my head, none are based on evidence of any kind, but then again, neither is the claim of the pulses being a signal from aliens.

So consider which is more likely. That is actually a hard thing to do. If it were closer to Earth, then the alien choice would not even be there. But farther from Earth the likelihood is certainly greater. As far as the likelihood they might broadcast a signal to the Universe; we sent up an invitation remember Voyager? Was that likely?

I believe in science and that means leaving all options on the table until evidence says otherwise. Right now the jury is out and these pulses of light could well be an invitation from aliens or a message from one alien race to another, or…. It is my opinion we should keep monitoring them (which I have no doubt we will), try and get proof one way or another, and maybe not try to contact them.

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