Monday, July 18, 2016

NOW YOU SEE IT – Apply “paint”, apply an electromagnetic wave, NOW YOU DON’T!!


Long thought to belong only to the realm of Star Trek and cloaking Romulans, a scientific breakthrough now gives a more perfect and complete invisibility on demand. 


This is awesome! As I think about this more and more, it is what break throughs usually are, simpler. Though I have no doubt that coming to this was anything but simple, the fact that suddenly viable invisibility that makes one shout EUREKA, is here, is nothing short of AWESOME.


Below see a picture of first the Mercedes using a camera/display format to go invisible.  Not too good…Next is a look at Meta-Materials which is quite good though limited where one can use it…After that, the third one (and of the three the best in my opinion) is ‘transformation optics’ which is a broad term but always has something to do with electromagnetic radiation and so the best one is an Earth-bound variation, but more like a magicians trick.

The application of metamaterials to produce spatial variations with coordinate transformations playing its part – sending a specific bandwidth or electromagnetic radiation; this combination is now being looked into greatly together versus separately. The same mathematics that describes how gravity warps space and time is the same math or extremely similar to that being utilized to wrap light in a certain manner, much like warping space.


So, thanks to the research which Scientists at Queen Mary University of London (at their School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science) a composite material has been developed that has nano-sized particles that can enhance the properties of the surface of the object to which it is attached. To put it in very simplistic terms, one paints a surface with seven layers of a “nanocomposite medium” where the electric property of each layer is varied based on position and that then allows a cloaking ability as it causes the wave to be scattered.


The idea behind the whole concept is more along the line of transformation optics.


Perhaps the coolest part is that we are no longer trying methods such as meta-materials & using a literal cloak like Harry Potter (which is possibly perfect for soldiers in the field hiding from discovery but perhaps not so much for outer space) and cameras on one side that are then displayed on the other (such as Mercedes has used in one vehicle – I’ve attached a photo that demonstrates its viability – you decide!) and even a third method using transformation optics which while very effective here on earth and maybe in a magicians act, not so much in the vast wasteland that is space.


Apparently this method, while it was suggested that it would work only at one specific frequency, works in a much greater range of frequencies (The technology worked on waves between 8 and 10 Giga Hertz in frequency, in the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, however confidence is high that may be augmented!)



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