Monday, April 11, 2016

Edge of Space – ‘dog-o-naut’ missing

Image: Sam the dog


When the balloon popped both a GPS tracker & the GoPro camera returned to Earth approximately 48 miles from the launch site but alas no Sam.


“Sam” the dog-o-naut was sent more than 25 kilometers above the earth and the mission was filmed by a specially attached GoPro cameras while he was tracked using GPS. .


The principal had to break the news to Morecambe Bay Community Primary School at an assembly the next day. Now the students are launching a publicity campaign in hopes of retrieving the lost astronaut. 


The students, in addition to trending on twitter with the hashtag #findsam & having a facebook group support and share their trials, are trying to calculate the aerodynamics and thus learn his ultimate resting place.



So while space travel is rather dangerous to the well-traveled and first-timer alike, Sam the dog-o-naut is finding out how things go wrong as his kids try to get him back!

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