Monday, March 28, 2016

TARGET EARTH: You Only See What You Want To

Coming in for a landing is my newest book – Target Earth. Also coming in for a landing would be our new alien visitors, Ishmael & Rudy, as they are known.

The best way to explain what happens is in hindsight. When it comes down to it - “You only see what you want to see…believe what you want to believe.”

..Ain’t that the truth though?!




When 2 aliens landed in DC, President Harker started to salivate at all the technological advancements he would bring to his country. 


AND then he met the aliens, Ishmael & Rudy, as they wanted to be called. They came for Earth’s technology or so it appeared and so the president believed.

The aliens were humanoid, or so their suit’s showed, they didn’t speak English but quickly learned it, or so it appeared. 


Danielle Marama, Danny, was assigned by the President to act as the alien’s liaison. As she got to know them she became their friend and kept their secrets – was she a traitor? 


While Danny & the aliens take to the roads to visit various technologically advanced plants, not wanting to give the aliens the technology  so called  ‘maniacs’ come out from everywhere, is the government guiding them to kill the  aliens AND Danny? 


An explosion in space, a spacecraft coming seemingly out of nowhere – The government deems Danny an alien collaborator – choosing the wrong species to back…although if she were for the government she’d be dead already. 


Earth is in the cross hairs and Danny & her husband Chris – an Astrophysicist, are Earths only chance. 


Those are the highlights, but there is action, there is adventure, and there are a heck of a lot of nuances. Check Target Earth out – it’s available in e-book right now and will be in print this summer.  


AS ALWAYS it is available where ever good booksare sold. (did I say good, I meant great) 


My current projects are:


‘RESSURECTING EARTH: The Mission to Save the Earth Starts on Mars’ – it’s a working title but has more cool technological designs and plans…its cool and I’m only half-way in!


I started something else – a continuation of the Sanacion series, but the next generation – Casimir is all grown up and this is nothing like the first part of the series. I started this book before the other one, but then the other came flooding in. Still, I can’t wait to return to this as really cool ideas keep poping in my mind. PLUS I know a lot of you have told me you wanted the series to continue!


Trying my hand at scriptwriting. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it! My writing style translates well into scripts!! Right now I am doing a series, but considering a movie script next!


AND I am trying to get out to see you wherever you are. Unfortunately my trip to New Mexico got cancelled BUT I’m returning to Austin Texas and hope to see many of you there. 


I will be at Nautica in Provincetown in May – took a few days extra there as it seemed a good place to vacation as well. 


Ticonderoga, Canada, Maryland, LA, ComicCon in NYC, and more on the list for this year and I’m starting to make my plans for 2017. 


ALSO – I am doing an interview of a different (at least for me) sort. Tuesday, 3/29/2016 at 5:45 on – it’s an IM format, should be fun!!

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