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Scientists Witness Light Escaping a Black Hole (I Told You So – in Sanacion & in my blog!!)

When I wrote my first book – Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission I didn’t set out to write a book, I was researching black holes – but not being a scientist (I worked as a Chemist for a bit but moved on when I realized I wouldn’t be doing research) I can’t write a paper, or I can but no one will publish it so I did the next best thing, I put it in a thought experiment that ended up a novel. My feelings regarding the black hole were far different than most at the time. I believed light could escape but followed the path of least resistance. I believed that everythingstill followed the laws of physics when for some reason most believe a black hole to be the exception.


My actual beliefs of the black hole (obviously contained in the book referenced) explain quite simply how that is possible.


Of course since writing that book my creative demons have lassoed me into listening to my creative side full time and so a career change was required, but also I have continued researching things I am curious about – and Black Holes are still among them. 


So below I am repeating a blog I wrote back in 2012 that says, of all things, that light CAN escape a black hole and also quotes my book

It is of particular interest to me due to my book Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission. Perhaps you are saying to yourselves what on earth could a Sci Fi book have to do with this? Well, I spent quite some time investigating black holes and developing the theory (mathematical proofs et al) which I utilize in the book, or rather Colonel Steve Jensenn does. I was researching the black hole not for the book but for the curiosity. Basically it is a what came first – the book or the black hole. The black hole did. Loving writing; I decided to use my theories in my book, sort of a thought experiment that drew me in.

In Sanacion, I offer to you an option that finds some of its answers in Quantum Physics. A suggestion that cannot be that far off as a well-known physicist in California put forth the same idea well after my book was published. Additionally just last month the makeup of a black hole was discussed and one of the ideas bounced around was very similar to mine.

But my theory involved other things as well. First of all, the black hole stayed true to the laws of physics. It was too easy to just pick an answer and call it immune to the laws of physics; much more difficult to find something that operates on the rules of the universe. Also, the strength inside is not as great as predicted in other models. Remember that bit about the path of least resistance? So then light travels into the black hole more or less because it chooses to, not because the gravity far exceeds its abilities to do otherwise.


Of course if this theory is taken into consideration then light coming out of it doesn’t mean we have located a new form of black holes nor does it refer to some exception that proves the rule, but it could simply be an occasion of having taken in parts of a star which perhaps is also in the process of some reactions of its own- Collapsing. Because my model of a black hole does not require any changes does not mean that one can’t have two occurrences going on at once. If the gravitational state of the black hole is not as great as others have surmised than having the one reaction go on while in the second would not only allow for the release of light, it would deem it necessary.

For your amusement a quote from the book SANACION: The BLACK HOLE MISSION:

Steve Jensenn speaking to the Civilian Leaders explaining the black hole. “Gentlemen, think back to your college physics class, and see if you don’t remember what objects always take. Whether it is water, electricity, air density, or other types of matter, they always take the path of least resistance. So if you have a black hole, and you’re at the point of no return, picture a light photon. It can fight the pull, which will take tremendous energy, or follow the path of least resistance. I don’t believe that light cannot escape. Why should it?”

Now there is more to this theory, but alas, it’s all located in the book and what kind of an author would I be if I put it all here?

So basically, why is this black hole emitting light? While I don’t claim to have the answer, I do offer a suggestion, it is not the exception that proves the rule but the rule winning out time and time again. Pick a theory that fits everything and go with it.

There are most certainly many types of black holes, but odds are that they very similar.

**Apparently scientists who recently viewed this event where a supermassive black hole (same one referenced in the book – V4641 sgr) was ‘eating’ a star it also ‘burped’ the same light it was enveloping. A black hole is described by current science as (keep in mind no one has actually seen one, what they see is the surrounding areas reaction to it)   “It can be noted that scientists and astronomers said that while a black holes are space areas where in they are so dense that makes force stops the escape of matter including light, as many said that it is the fastest thing in the universe, when black holes are force-fed a star, then a jet of plasma can escape from the "event horizon" or the rim of the black hole, Eurekalert reported.”


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