Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ARE MARTIANs REAL? Meteorite from Mars carries a fire Opal – could mean life!


Okay, perhaps envisioning Martian high society wearing their jewels to some galactic ball isn’t quite what this ‘proof’ is suggesting.


Here’s the story. A meteorite named Nakhla was originally a piece of Mars that millions of years ago was blasted of the planet by a powerful strike from some unknown object. (Maybe a meteor hit Mars and spawned a bunch of meteors from Mars?) Anyway, in 1911 this Nakhla meteor hit the Earth in a town in Egypt. Now this meteor resides in the Natural History Museum in London.


So, what’s so special about this meteor? Check this out! Using an electron microscope, researchers were able to find trace amounts of the precious stone – fire Opal. AND this was a confirmation of readings picked up by Martian rovers (who discovered that the gem existed at least in small quantities from their position on Mars itself).


For those still wondering what this means, at least on Earth, the formation of Opals is created using a process that includes several things: water and silica. Usually, again at least on Earth, the water is a hot spring which is a place where microbial life is plentiful. Since Microbial life thrives in these conditions AND opal can trap and preserve these microbes for millions of years, we may have proof of alien life preserved in opal deposits all over the surface of Mars.


Bet you didn’t think the aliens would be microscopic when we found them! Don’t worry, if microbes can exist, well, then the next step can probably, and so on, and so on…


A final comment; In 2013 there was another discovery made by the same team. A second material was found in the meteorite Nakhla – formed by water and the mineral augite and the mineral olivine. This was the first  direct evidence of the Red Planet having its surface dissolved by water.


FYI – the story according to at least one, a local, is that he claimed to have seen the Nakhla meteorite slam into Earth vaporizing a dog. This cannot be confirmed as there were no other witnesses but if true our microbial aliens may have already killed one!

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