Monday, April 20, 2015

Alien Chatter…or Quasars, or a neutron star…


Just when you thought it was safe to go outside – Aliens….



Starting fifteen years ago scientists have been in receipt of what some feel are communications from an intelligent alien life-form with advanced technology. Energy beams that contain mathematical patterns; the beams are called ‘blitzars’ and whole they only last for a mili-second, they have been detected by our telescopes – most recently in 2014, in Australia.

Certainly there are other conclusions we can draw from such events, correct? I mean yeah, 2014 is recent but only one? Oh, and ten more incidents since then. But still, the signals could be Quasars (caused by jets of matter moving close to the speed of light), perhaps black holes, Radio Galaxies (source of electromagnetic and other radio energy), even our own galaxy emits radio noise. When a neutron star catastrophically collapses into a black hole, it sends out a radio burst.


When a Neutron star forms, it inherits a lot of the rotational energy of the parent star. Since its radius and mass are tiny in comparison to the star, this means that the neutron star starts out rotating, often extremely rapidly. Many neutron stars also have intense magnetic fields. Over time, through their interactions with the environment, their magnetic fields will put a brake on the rotation, gradually slowing the star. Once rotation slows enough, the Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff limit will kick in, and the SURON will collapse into a black hole in a matter of milliseconds.According to theory (literally called the "no-hair theorem"), physics isn't happy about having magnetic fields lines cross the event horizon, so everything on the outside will instantaneously detach from the neutron star and reconnect on the outside of the black hole. This results in large currents and intense electromagnetic emission a strong magnetic shock wave moving at near the speed of light is indeed seen in 3D resistive magneto hydrodynamic simulations of the collapse of non-rotating NSs. The point being there are other things in the universe that emit various radio signals.


So with so much out there what makes these energy beams or blitzars so suspicious? Many things – mostly, a new study has revealed that these energy bursts are aligned in such a way as to rebuke the laws of physics.


ALSO – there’s that mathematical patterns part.  Also, in a bizarro world coincidence all ten of the recent energy bursts produced dispersion measures with multiples of a single number ‘ 187.5’.  Apparently the odds of that occurrence being replicated are 5 in 10,000.


When attempting to track the source, scientists also believe that it was transmitted from the Milky Way from 5 separate sources, spaced equidistant  in regular intervals. Huh!


And then there is that pattern…Of course it could be a response to the signal we sent – the Arecibo message. 


Sent in 1974 this was a message that was sent out in the direction of M13 (a globular star cluster orbiting the center of the Milky Way). As of now it is about 39 light years from us. The point was to contact alien life and tell them everything from the numbers, atomic numbers of elements, and data about DNA, a little about the human, and finally, where we can be found.


So, back to the beginning. As of right now we don’t know what these energy beams mean. Is there intelligent life somewhere sending a message out just as we have, hoping there is intelligent life out in the galaxy? Or is it just a natural occurrence that is somehow beating mathematical possibilities?


Stay tuned!

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