Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Mankind is busy making new kinds of bombs and technologically advanced delivery systems to prevent Meteors from destroying the Earth or one country from encroaching on another or even alien destruction from becoming a real thing. Time and time again man mimics (or tries to) the Sun for energy or destruction. Consider that the greatest weapon is already here. The Sun.

Forget the part about one country encroaching on another, we have developed enough weaponry to deal with that. However what about those nasty alien invasions or that approaching meteor? Think about how the Sun lashes out at space around us and sometimes towards us; CME’s or solar flares. What if we could control them, aim them, use the Sun as a weapon.

Consider it a real possibility. Let me explain. There are meteors and comets that have hit the Sun or been swallowed by it, depending how you look at it. Watch one of the many videos on you tube if you want confirmation, but the affect is a double explosion that we see in the Coronal Mass Ejection in results in.

So let’s review – a comet or meteor enters from one side and we get an explosion in the Sun out the other side and seemingly based on the arc of the hit seems to be continuing in its place.

Apparently if we were to study this more we could work out how to make these ‘explosions’ happen the direction we want and while probably never gain pinpoint accuracy, we could maintain some control. Perhaps with an unmanned spacecraft hanging around the Sun (at a ‘safe’ distance) we could shoot meteor pieces (talk about cheap bullets!) and presto, create a CME at will.

There are many types of meteors and we can certainly examine which ones cause what sort of explosion, what ones are responsible for the most immediate, how direction of the explosion is effected if one type is used over another…

Anyway, just a thought.


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