Saturday, May 24, 2014

A TASTE OF SPACEX (actually 3)


This is probably a day Elon Musk has been waiting for and a day that with all that is going with Russia and worries about getting to the ISS ‘in case’ comes just at the right time.


Next Thursday a crewed version of the Dragon spacecraft that will be ferrying the astronauts to and from the space station is the near future will be unveiled. This will not be mock-up, but an actual flight design version.


You don’t have to look long and hard to find people who were the nay-sayers both of NASA’s CCP (Commercial Crew Program) and of SpaceX (or Boeing & Sierra Nevada) but now is when they eat crow. NASA’s program allowed for the rapid development of technologies and abilities that previously belonged only to them and a sparse few other countries.

NASA has promoted dreamers and SpaceX has risen to the occasion

NASA's commercial crew program has also supported the efforts of other companies. For example, Boeing and Sierra Nevada Corp. also received funding recently to advance work on their vehicles — the CST-100 capsule and a space plane called Dream Chaser, respectively.


What perhaps started as an attempt to unseat a monopoly and allow a chance to SpaceX to service military and intelligence satellites into orbit has become more urgent for the USA and SpaceX has ended up getting what it was after to start with, chance at a certification. That is all SpaceX was asking for but now thanks to Russia hitting back against American sanctions imposed due to the Ukraine crisis, they have barred their rockets from aiding any the US military as well as stated that they have no plans on the ISS after 2020. (The US has extended its use to 2024.

But all this works well for the US. Perhaps they have been blindsided but SpaceX is ready for the high orbit launches and a manned launch to the ISS can certainly be sped up by either SpaceX or Sierra Nevada.

Actually think about it. The Russian Soyuz while it has been dependable all this time does seem to fall flat in comparison to American Technology. AND there’s that nasty space debris not to mention the waste of capsules that fry on reentry. SpaceX technology is reusable technology, and American.  If there was ever any doubt who rules space, and it was up for grabs the last few decades, it is the USA – we’re back and SpaceX is at the leading edge!


Following the above technology advances, advances which I might add are in the hands of the people and not the government, space is getting even more and more attainable. I won’t lie, part of the reason I am so excited is that there is now a very real chance that my dreams will come true and I will reach space.

Thanks to companies such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin, other nations with space launches and probes space access is becoming a real expectation.  

AND while tourists pack their bags for the moon, scientists and inventors find new worlds and new ways to get there.

SETI is actively seeking aliens like never before and if they actually find willing aliens our grandchildren may lead an interesting existence. Of course the possibility that aliens are to us like many animals and beings are to our pets – aliens may already be a part of our life but we just can’t see it. Whether it is a matter of our visual spectrum or we just have blinders on…interesting thought though.

Anyway, I need to go – need to call my travel agent and reserve a flight to the moon. Are you coming?

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