Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ever hear the saying “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should?”

Ever hear the saying “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should?” 

Apparently that is the consensus of a large number of Americans with regard to technology. Odd as so many people I speak to ask what happened to flying cars. My answer – we getting them, just later; once we have autonomous cars down then we’ll have them in the skies. I for one do not want to be flying my car – I want it fully autonomous as I have a hard enough time with the blind spots now! (By the way – look up Terrafugia, for about $259,000 you can get a flying car!)

Apparently 50% of Americans would not ride in a driverless car. REALLY? 63% don’t want commercial drones to have permission to fly in US airspace. Don’t they want their package from Amazon? 65% would not like robots as the primary caregivers for the elderly and disabled. (Do you know what that could do to healthcare costs?) 53% think people with something like Google glasses or many an implant of a chip in their brain would be a change for the worse. (Apparently knowledge is iffy) and a whopping 80% are not willing to eat lab grown meat. That I understand, but then I won’t eat most of the meat now, the steroids and hormones that than not only affect the animal but us? No thanks. And that implant I mentioned? 72% would not get an implant no matter that it would improve their memory or mental capacity, maybe gain them WiFi access. I was against it too. Not the implant per se, but what else could be done to it. I’ve changed my mind.

With all these changes, these SciFi options become fact Americans are resistant to change. And yet, 44% would change the DNA of their child: changes to the sex, make the child smarter, more athletic, healthier.

One in ten people would like to time travel. Do they want to use advanced technology to go live in the past?

I wonder who out of the 81% who believe we will have 3D printed organs to replace those that fail in a human body would actually get one if their lives were on the line.

*Pew research group did a study and that’s where these numbers come from.* I’m breaking my rule of writing only about above the exosphere yet again to share something really interesting although in my defense it also gives me hope of finding an empty seat to travel to the Moon!

Apparently Americans do expect technology in the not so distant future to better their lives; it is just the actual specifics that they fear. 59% of Americans think these future inventions will improve life in general.

Surprisingly only 9% would take something that would either keep them healthy or extend their lives. 6% said they wanted a flying bike which is good because in Prague they have tested one, it works, and now they need to extend the battery life.

Oh, and think jetpack’s are cool? Only 1% said they wanted one.

I’m hoping that as you read about this you are saying to yourself, ‘no one asked me?


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