Sunday, February 2, 2014


How deep are your pockets? For a mere $1.55 billion you can take a couple walks in the moonlight (on the Moon’s surface), stay for about a day and a half, and get extra space for trip souvenirs – heck you can’t get that last one from airlines on Earth! … And yes, that is billion with a B.

Golden Spike is the latest to throw its hat in the ring for space trips, but what it offers is unique. If you are a country without a space program, no problem, it’s like outsourcing but better as you have the experiences! For the $1.55 billion two astronauts get two moonwalks, a surface stay of 36 hours and 50 kg’s of cargo space for the return flight. In addition, the company also will be providing week-long orbital missions.

In business since 2010, Golden Spike didn’t scream it to the world but quietly rummaging through the engineering plans of others. They aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, they’re looking to capitalize on what has already work.

So if you are an individual and a billionaire, well, this trip promises to be out of this world! OR if you are a country with the will just not the advanced space program, call them up!

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