Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wormholes, mythical gateways to the next Universe. Fact or Fiction?

A surreal consequence of Albert Einstein’s equations on General Relativity is the connections that exist between two points in space and time. When viewed through the eye of Quantum Physics those connections begins to make sense, sort of.

General Relativity governs gravitational interactions and can be extended to include Wormholes. But the Quantum World brings in more elements; items such as the entanglement of subatomic particles. This entanglement is not limited by proximity. Two linked particles A & B separated by whatever distance – could be a conference room A, could be in galaxy X; if changes occur to one of the linked particles on end 1, that change is transferred instantaneously to the other particle at end 2. Spooky, right? That’s what Einstein thought. “Spooky action at a distance.”

Whether you believe in some link where you can travel space-time (unlikely in my opinion) or just some as yet unexplained shortcut through the Universe, the math is there and the science is almost there. Of course once we understand these wormholes we would have to bend them somehow to our will. But that’s crazy, right? We don’t know the first thing about wormholes, or do we?

There are these ‘portals’ that exist between the Sun and Earth’s poles. Portals that allow the Sun’s harmful rays to go unchecked as these portals apparently skip past our upper atmosphere. What’s worse, they appear & disappear seemingly willy-nilly and so we can’t find them. Or rather couldn’t find them. A scientist at NASA was able to break the mathematical code and thanks to his diligence we can now go to where they will appear instead of where they have been. The MMS (Magnetosphere Multiscale Mission, a NASA mission, is launched in 2014. It seeks the response to questions about the portals from the how and why to the what does it does and how can we fix it. HOWEVER…

Okay, I’m just tossing this out there, but what if this mission that is being done to protect Earth, to benefit mankind, what if this mission also comes up with the answer to interstellar space travel? What if the spooky action that Einstein spoke of becomes one we can do?

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