Friday, December 13, 2013


Or some suggest that it may. Some scientists believe that the collapse of the universe is not only imminent but may have already started.

My suggestion, relax.

For this to occur you must believe the following; first, that there was no beginning of the Universe. This theory counts on phase shifts. Next, you must believe in infinity as according to the theory “Rainbow Gravity” the Universe stretches out infinitely.  Thirdly you must believe that all particles found thus far (this includes the recently found Higgs-Boson particle) include all particles that exist.

The belief is that Higgs-Boson particle, a manifestation of an energy field and present throughout the universe, goes through a violent process called phase transition. This would be say water to ice or water to steam, or how a heated magnet loses its magnetism. The result of all of this phase shifting is that everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the largest planet to every galaxy in the Universe becomes super heavy. All of this new weight will then become squashed down to the size of a super-hot, super-heavy ball. Game over.

I wonder, let’s suppose that there is infinity; I know it’s hard, but try.  If there is then there is no outer limit of the universe so theoretically the entire universe could never collapse as it is infinite.

OK, how about, the theory is based on a concept that is mathematical, yes, but in its calculation involves only particles that we know about. When the LHC restarts in 2015, Large Hadron Collider, this theory would require that no new particles be found. To that I say this: dark matter & virtual particles in a vacuum. We know something more must exist; something new that explains dark matter. We further know that empty space is not empty but instead contains a plethora of invisible virtual particles that pop in and out of existence.

There are far more reasons to believe collapse is not likely, but still, I have one more question. Okay maybe two-possible three. How is this phase shift related to black holes and if everything in the universe goes through a phase shift does the black hole go through one as well? If it does then what does it become? Also, something tells me somewhere the laws of physics and this theory do not prove out.


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