Monday, September 16, 2013

SANACION II: WE ARE THE ALIENS – Steve & Lenora interviewed

Following the well-received release ofSANACION II: WE ARE THE ALIENS as an e-book and pending its print release around the first of the year, Major Lenora Spooner & Steve Jensen were kind enough to agree to the following interview:

Major Lenora Spooner and Colonel Steve Jensen, thank you for being here today. I understand it was difficult apparently you had to duck some soldiers, is that correct?

Lenora and Steve looked at each other and Steve put his hand on her thigh - ”I got this one!”)

STEVE: At the present we are involved in some difficulties with the Spacers. Apparently they are being controlled completely by the Civilian Leader Jake, the one who tried to kill Rufus. The same Rufus who saved my life!

Actually that leads me to my next question, who is Rufus?

LENORA: I think that’s a hard one. Not to get all existential on you but Rufus has become Steve’s buddy, to get to know Rufus you need to understand the two of them. Those two are inseparable.

STEVE: Uh, honey – it might be because of the language problem, or it could be that we both have saved each other. Oh wait, I know, it is the fact that humans are trying to kill him and his entire race!

LENORA: Steve, relax. It is just a question. To give you some details, Rufus belongs to what Steve has chosen to call the Cicada Race. He is a little over six feet tall, has six legs or four legs and two hands – depending on how he is carrying himself, can bore into the ground and basically no one but Steve, or possibly Melanie has a clue what he is saying most of the time.

Steve, then you can understand Rufus?

STEVE: Well, not really. When he and I first met we were able to establish that we both had some similar knowledge. From there we are trying to figure out each other between lots of charades and signing. It takes a bit of time to tell him something and I’m not always sure he got it, but it’s all good.

Okay, I’d love to meet him when he learns more English!

LENORA: Tell you what, if he and the other Cicada’s can survive Jake’s attacks, actually if we all can survive them, Jake’s gunning for all of us who backed Steve on this, but if we survive, I’ll bring him by.

So then I understand there is a little conflict going on, would you care to share your plans with me?

STEVE: I’m assuming that Jake has access to this interview so I’m going to say no. Just suffice to say that that he will never see it coming.

LENORA: Steve, I think she can know some of it, can’t she?

STEVE: Okay, this battle or War with Jake is on many fronts. He is using the ship Sanacion up there in space to shoot down here to the planet and he doesn’t care if there are civilians in the way. Somehow I have to figure out how to take five people and a group of Cicada’s that I can’t understand and stop all this madness. That’s all I am going to say.

Lenora, how about you tell me a little bit about how you came to be here today, weren’t you married to some astronaut?

LENORA: For like a Planck! Originally Steve & I were just really good friends – we couldn’t be more than that. The rules of the military saw to that. When we arrived here on the planet, since now Steve is in charge, the rule no longer exists. As to the astronaut, Perry, yes, we were married. But he was a part of that civilian plot that tried to take over the mission.

Weren’t they successful?

LENORA: Well yes and no. They managed to kill the Admiral but when they tried to shoot his son, Paul, Steve took the bullet. They were smart enough to realize they might need him seeing as he was the commander of the ship, so they saw that he got the proper medical attention. Once he could explain what the Black Hole was and that the scientists on Earth had gotten it all wrong, well, they wanted him in charge again.

STEVE: She’s being modest. She was the one who got me the chance to explain it all to them. All they needed was to hear some truth and logic. I knew that nothing is as scary if you understand it!

So Steve & Lenora, What is next for the two of you

STEVE: Immediately, I’m going back to the cave and sleeping for a day or so.

You are living in a cave?

STEVE: Oh Mercury! I didn’t mean that.

LENORA: What he means is we’re getting married. He finally proposed, I guess time does move quicker on this planet, but it feels as if we met ages ago!

STEVE: Um, we did. On Earth, remember? When you were a Sergeant?

LENORA: That’s not what I meant.

Okay then. In closing, what would you two like to say to the civilians who are being told to hate you?

LENORA: First of all I don’t think anyone could hate Steve. Second I would say think about all he has done for everyone, how he never let anyone down. He is the reason we all are here. He gave us all safe passage on a long and perilous journey. I don’t think that should all be forgotten about because of fear. After all; We Are The Aliens!

Steve looks at Lenora appreciatively.

STEVE: Couldn’t have said it better. Just let me add, when all this is over, if Jake is standing and I am but a memory, ask yourself who is he going to take on next, is it you? Actually, consider this – consider the American Indians, Hitler, Many of the Aborigines, the Chinese Civil War, when the pirates attacked Greece, the great Portugal conflict of the 2100’s, in all these case the indigenous group was all but wiped out. It’s time we learned those lessons and changed our attitude towards others who are different.

Steve, Lenora, thank you for your time today.


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