Sunday, September 1, 2013


Mobilona, a US based company, is bringing all the comforts of space and then adding several stars. Those of us with double digit memories and a desire to go to space, unless we have the fortune to back up the desire, are probably out of luck. While the cost of space travel for the average Joe & Jane will likely tumble to slightly more than a trip to Paris or Chicago, in our lifetimes we will surely be earth-bound.Enter Mobilona.

The saying “If you build it they will come” definitely fits in this case. If you had asked me’ do we need a hotel that gives you the experience of being in space?’, I probably would have said no, but if you said ’come on, we’re going to a hotel that allows you to experience space!’, well then - what time do we leave? Mobilona has recognized the niche and hopes to accommodate it.

The hotel group has plans to construct Mobilona Space Hotels in Barcelona, LA, and Hong Kong. In a quote taken from their web site;“In space science, the Alcubierre drive model suggests that no object can travel faster than the speed of light – but the space around it can. To travel through space Mobilona Space Hotels do not move people but what they see around them. The hotel offers a 360/six wall view, and 3-D experience that promises to be out of this world! (I can hear the collective groan! – Sorry?)

Mobilona suggests that you can go where you want, anywhere in the universe and what makes your travel individualized is that you do this part in the confines of your suite. (Your neighbor may be off to a different part of the galaxy!) In addition to the “Space Suites” it is suggested that you may experience a form of weightlessness in vertical wind tunnel or visit the 24-hour "Space Mall."

Mobilona takes the whole space thing seriously. In addition to the planned hotel with way cool amenities, Mobilona offers scholarships for Immersive Sciences, plans on returning Extraterrestrial radio-emissions thanks to its space ambassadors, and lots of  various organizations.

I spend a lot of time looking at the heavens, at Mobilona sounds like I could look at the floor! I for one am psyched!!!





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