Friday, August 23, 2013


The Dream

You just got the call; your first grandchild is planning on making its appearance. One problem – you are in New Jersey, your daughter in England. Actually, no problem! Just go to the Transportation office in town to the Director of Teleportation and he’ll see that you are there in time.

It is long seen as effortless: travel where the’ teleportees’ wait around as if waiting on an elevator only to dematerialize in one location then re-materialize somewhere else.  Sounds ideal. The usual method (on Star Trek and other SciFiis called “Deconstructive copying” meaning the ‘teleportee’ is copied down to the molecular level and then reconstituted somewhere else as he (or she) is destroyed in the original location.  

Consider the possible problems. SciFi has considered them and exploited themLets see; there’s “Second Chances” where Commander Riker was duplicated in a transporter mishap, “Mirror-Mirror” from the original Star Trek series whenUhura, Scotty & Kirk are beamed aboard an Enterprise in an alternate universe  only to discover the federation has been replaced by theTerran Empire, then theres “The Fly” that aims to travel less distance, but travel more genetically. Finally there’s the Un-Gone – an eight minute short Sci-Fi film by Simon Bovey that seeks todeconstruct the simplicity of travel while mixing in corporate ideals.  Knowing all these likely mishaps science is still trying to figure out teleportation.

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku strongly believes that we will work it all out. He sets ten years to achieve molecule teleportation with DNA transport not far behind. While the timeframe is mostdefinitely incorrect, he may be right. Scientists expect teleportation to not involve ‘Deconstructing Copies’ (Whew!) but instead to represent eliminating the time & space in between two locations, if only momentarily. But there is something we have now. A form ofteleportation, and it is cool!


It involves not actively transporting the information but instead involves the act of manipulating and eavesdropping on two entangled particles. Currently the record in distance is 88 miles, but that’s 88 miles more than it used to be, so now that they have a quantum teleportation chip, they can make them work more complex and one day there will be no boundaries to the computing.

When mentioning instantaneous as to the communications, it isn’t exactly true and yet true enough. Quantum Entanglement is a hard thing to describe, but I will try. If proton A & B are entwined and Ais turned to the left, B will automatically if measured be found to be turned to the right. So, it does not manufacture an exact copy and then destroy the first but instead create simultaneously an exact opposite. Then there is the inherit security system (I won’t go into details – will blow your mind!)and far more than my simple analogy could impart, just suffice it to say Cool Deal!

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