Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Answer me this...

I dedicated this blog to scientific discoveries or pursuits in space. I am not changing that in any way but so many people have been asking me questions about my books, my writing methods, and me personally that I thought I would use this vehicle to answer them.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

I have two answers for that. 1) I have been writing since I was a little kid. At eight I wrote a novella (if you can call it that) about a girl and her horse in the Pyrenees. Poetry in junior high, and wrote songs all through the years. So in that way I always knew I would be a writer. But I didn’t think I would be a Writer. 2) When my book was accepted by Brighton Publishing I knew I had a chance to BE a writer. Not to do it in my spare time but do it full-time.

What inspired your book?

I’ve been asked this about both books. With regard to the first book it was a thought experiment gone out of control. I was researching the physics behind a black hole and arrived at my own set of beliefs. After I had done all the math, I created 2 characters Steve & Lenora and placed them in a situation that would lead to the black hole. I got carried away. It became about why they left Earth, the conflicts that man creates for himself in any situation(the civilian uprising), and the real problem of the black hole itself.

The second book grew out of something really odd. When I write I work out a loose outline, make sure I know the science involved and then the characters appear like a movie in my mind and I get busy writing it down. Sometimes things happen that I never intended – the characters did it! I know I am writing it, but perhaps this is what William Butler Yeats is referring to when he wrote of making the muses sing.

Which character is you?

Actually none of them. While I am sure some have characteristics I have and others characters have some I want to have, I am not any one of them. Nor is anyone I know. Most of these characters have become my friends (Steve, Lenora & Melanie) but some I really hate (Jake or Kevin). And one character I absolutely love is Rufus, but you’ll know him when Sanacion II is out.

What, other than writing, do you do for fun?

Mostly I like to read. I read lots of non-fiction – science or the science of math…books. I rarely used to read fiction, but now it is my ‘job’. AND I don’t mind at all!

Can you tell me what the second book is about?

A small scientific outpost is soon set up to investigate the planet and identify the landscape for any useful resources. Long thought to be uninhabited, the crew is shocked when they encounter a unique set of footprints.

For several crewmembers, uncovering another life-form is a scientific find of enormous significance, for others though, fear of the unknown reveals a distrust that may not be so easily dealt with.

Now, Colonel Jensen and his romantic interest Lenora, along with the scientific crew and the fearfully distrusting Civilian Leader, must seek out and identify the maker of the prints. What they discover though, may be more than any of them can bear…

What does Sanacion mean?

Sanacion is a Spanish word – the basic meaning is healing. I thought it was a really good name for the ship which had people from a sick and dying world out searching for a new home. (The other two ships are the Clinton, Hillary not Bill, and the Memnoch).

Will there be a third Sanacion? Yes. And a fourth and a fifth…I will keep writing them, for me, regardless of whether they are sold. Right now I am two thirds of the way done with the third but my mind keep going on and I can see all these new stories that I have to give a home!

AND FINALLY….Many people have asked about the Sanacion Ship- if it was a Dyson Sphere/Death Star.

No. This ship was arrived at using Riemannian Geometry and what would best survive the space, could give natural gravity (it has a core) and most important, survive the black hole.

When next I write it will be back to my standard – as a matter of fact the topic is: Tractor Beams, for real.

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