Thursday, June 27, 2013


One day a telescope aimed at the moon will catch people milling about and structures reaching through the low gravity environment. Of course with all NASA’s advances this would all begin with a Robot and a 3-D printer. Everything from the building material (lunar dust) to gases needed for life support which can be manufactured from existing gases, even water can be found there. Not only can a moon base be semi-self-sufficient but with robot technology having raced ahead in the past year, by the time NASA expects to go the moon (between 2018 & 2022) robots can single handed set-up the post in advance of their human counterparts.

Keep looking through that telescope and you will see an Asteroid that NASA lassoed and brought back to the Moon’s orbit in 2019. And if you look closely perhaps you will see the spots that were mined for Carbon that was used in the development of the Carbon Nanotube Ribbon used in the space elevator.

Additionally scan the night sky further and you may see the space hotels rotating at various points in the sky. The same space hotels that house miners and their families on vacation The miners from Planetary Resources or Deep Space Resources, the two leading companies in asteroid mining.

Move over a little more in the night sky and see the space port atop the space elevator acting as both a counter weight and as the launch site, housing space ships at the ready. One ship is missing as it is on a mission to Gliese 667 and the three planets that have been discovered having 3 Super-Earths a mere 22 light years from us.

Obviously we would be traveling there using our new Fusion Propulsion as our Ion Propulsion based off of Prof. Winglee & Roberson’s design doesn’t have a corresponding platform for deceleration.

Does this sound like the future we are soon going to enjoy? This is just what the telescope might pick up in the night sky. This wouldn’t include the several space ports that are on the way to our colony on Mars! Perhaps a visit to an observatory would catch them!

So much lies on the horizon. Yes we have work to do here on earth, but realize this, we have the technology needed to get to this point. Tell yourself the answers are out there or tell yourself it solves the problem of the Earth (overcrowding, pollution & climate change), but realize this-

“The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don't have a space program, it'll serve us right!” ― Larry Niven

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