Thursday, May 9, 2013


A Dutch company is taking applicants now for a reality show that is out of this world – somewhere between 36 million and 250 million miles out of this world! A reality show is planned for Mars as these lucky contestants become the inhabitants of a colony on Mars. But should your application be accepted better say your goodbyes as it is a one way trip.

Amazingly there is no shortage of applicants as so far they already have 78,000 and counting. (A video and a $38 fee will get one considered.) What is the company planning this? Mars One, the company that has envisioned a colony on Mars for some time now takes it a step further and opens it up to a reality show.

Bars Landorp, a Dutch entrepreneur, would like to set up a human colony on Mars as soon as 2023 – seven years after the supplies for the outpost have arrived on Mars. Landorp is quite adamant that the technology is all in place and that all that is needed is a few billion (and then several more billion) dollars. Mars One will not be doing the assembling of the hardware for this mission but instead plans to farm this out to the companies at the forefront of the technological playing field such as SpaceX.

The reality series Landorp insists is not Big Brother on Mars but a serious project that will capture all of the story throughout the mission. The members of the colony would arrive not only in the 2023 group but in a second landing planned for 2025. And while the reality series will follow the hardships, the pleasures, the discoveries involved, the members of the colony will be able to do whatever they want or need to do. Actually it would be a little hard to force them to do anything from so far away.

Between donations and the application fee, Mars One is on their way and there is no doubt that a series of this sort would be picked up. In truth, this might be the one reality series that actually captures an entire planet and pushes us all forward!

If you are interested in applying, go to:

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