Monday, February 11, 2013


We had a CME of a particularly long duration Saturday, but don’t let that worry you, it doesn’t have the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering too worried either. Of course Saturdays burst though on the Earth-bound side, is not likely to cause interference with satellites,the ISS, Communications, Radio is likely to cause particularly beautiful auroras.

Still, the UK Royal Academy of Engineering has done a detailed risk assessment regarding superstorms that are solar in nature and say that the various governments need to do something to prepare for and protect us from these out of control solar temper tamtrums that occur every hundred years or so.

The last one occurred in 1959 and was known as the Carrington Event. The disruptions extended around the world much as the telegraphs that were rendered useless during that long day and sporadic for the next several days. There was magnetic mayhem and yet some cool oddities. While unplugged the telegraphs still would send out data, it just wasn’t getting received. The eastern skies appeared as if on fire and the Northern Lights were viewed at the equator.

Technology has advanced since then, and yet because of that we are perhaps more at risk when such a superstorm does hit. Given all the solar activity of late, it certainly makes sense and yet are we prepared? Satellites handle so much and we are likely to lose, probably one in ten would be affected and before you say that’s not bad, there are at least 2,271 satellites in the skies above us. Add to that the power grid, airplanes, GPS, cellphones, radio stations, television, perhaps even the Emergency Broadcast System.

Worry-not. I have assembled a list thanks to the Doomsday preparedness people. You can’t be too careful!)

You need to have a plan in advance and be prepared for the worst all the time hoping for the best. The plan is; immediately run to your pre-determined safety from solar storm room, you want to be there when the solar blast hits! Now keep in mind, this location may be different from your earthquake room and the tornado basement and the floods are coming high point, so make sure everyone knows where to go!

A good suggestion is if you have a small bike, real small one, carry it in the trunk. If your car were to break down it’ll come in handy! (It might be a bit hot though!)

Park your car at least at the end of your driveway, better in your neighbor’s driveway, or best? Your mother in laws place across town. You don’t have any idea what’s going to happen from the electromagnetic energy.

Do not fly. Given the uncertainty of the technology, not only shouldn’t you fly, I recommend keeping away from airports just in case.

A final thought, maybe you should build a special room in your house where you can keep all of your electronics. You know visit them when you particularly miss them. This way when the day of the storm comes, they are protected. And when everyone else’s iPhone is messed up and it takes the next 6 years to get the situation fixed, you have your phone and can call whoever you want. Well, assuming they too have a room!

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