Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The 3-D printer has successfully been used to craft instruments, prosthetic limbs and now the ESA (NASA’s counterpart in Europe) is looking at it to manufacture a lunar base. The thought is that the materials needed to build a base could be restrictive, unless….

Unless the main ingredient was moon dust.

The ESA and their partners have already built a small portion of the base. They built it in a vacuum under the same conditions they would have on the moon and were provided only with the 3-D printer and a mixture of silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium oxides, stuff that would stimulate regolith- a mixture of dust and dirt found on the moon. As far as where on the moon, the site they are looking at is at the southern pole. St the southern pole there is sunlight almost all of the time and so energy and other concerns would be lessened. Also there is a South Pole crater where it is believed frozen water will be found.

This idea isn’t new. Apparently the 3-D printer and a moon base had peaked NASA's interest. Last year NASA had a group of researchers working on something very similar.

Many firms such as Foster & Partners are coming together to build the first spaceport on the moon, Spaceport America. It is expected that this first spaceport will be completed later this year for around $209 million.

………………While We are talking about space, with the commercialization of near Earths orbit, after that the moon, and then the great beyond…..well, we’re bound to have some of these, porn stars in space.


Adult porn star Coco is training right now to visit space. In March of 2014 Coco Brown will be taking a space flight from the Netherlands where she is currently going through some training. She paid SpaceXC $100,000 (Space Expedition in the Netherlands) for the opportunity to be the first Porn Star in space and the second African American.

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