Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quantum Entanglement Simplified - Sort Of

Some of you will respond much like Einstein and consider Quantum Entanglement to be “Spooky Action at a Distance”, but I thought I needed to try and explain Quantum Entanglement. I have been pondering the words and relating it to Schrodinger's cat, but alas I was being too ambitious.

First of all I am speaking of two particles. But they act together and behave as one. Sort of. Picture two beach balls on each end of a string. Spin one clock wise seeing the turning of the colors and it results in the other spinning the opposite direction. It may be a plank distance from the other or a billion miles. While scientist are trying to figure out how the entangled particles tick, they are also amazed at the great communications device they could one day have if only they break the code!

You see other than communication between the particles at an instantaneous rate, there are some minor problems some of which may be benefits should we find a way around them. These two particles that are one have a very unique security system. Apparently if someone views the message (ie. The way it communicated the shift,) it flips a switch.

Some call this FTL communications; although it isn’t faster than light. It is both here and there at the same time; one particle over here and the other 6 billion miles away that when you spin one, the other spins simultaneously.

In a related topic, Quantum Teleportation has been achieved across 16km. Of course that it is being claimed as teleportation is a tad iffy. They are referring to transmitting information between protons. BUT we have to stop thinking of it as transporting. They are more like twins and while both are affected when you act a change on one of them, they are same, entangled.

It is actually funny. The more I try to explain it, the less simple it seems.

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