Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So many possibilities for space travel, so little time!

Okay we have the Repulsor Beam as a possible travel method, the Vasimir engines, and if you want to leave sooner, NASA’s Space Launch System. But wait there’s more…How about using radioactively charged particles and no actual engine?

The magnetic fields that exist around many planets of the solar system from Jupiter to Uranus, Venus to Neptune allow for a pinball method of travel. This means that a space craft could theoretically travel forever, well, a really longtime (you all know how I feel about infinity…same applies to forever!)

So it isn’t a developed technology, not yet, but it is more food for thought. We're getting closer to understanding the Universe. There are so many raw materials and simple reactions out there that maybe we can learn to utilize them and not litter throughout the universe when first we take our first steps. And if these steps are anything like in Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, mankind may not have a choice about it, space may be mankind’s only survival.

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