Friday, December 28, 2012

Snacks - this & that

There were several stories of interest that I investigated but none of them had any meat to them. I’m thinking it is time for a real science entry, I’ve even been working on one in my head, but simplifying Quantum Entanglement isn’t easy. Especially as this year comes to a close I try and take stock, I also try to write my third book and most detailed and adventurous book to date. My BETA readers are just a few chapters behind the writing as I want to fix whatever they don’t like; so far they have liked it all!....Two is in the pipeline, I have no idea when it will be released but imagine they will make you wait a while. FYI- it is called SANACION: We Are The Aliens…..Anyway, here are your Snacks!

Starting off we have a sappy one. First of all a genuine congratulations to Kate Winslet on her marriage to hubby #3, Ned Rocknroll. The ceremony was very private and included only ten guests. It is not the wedding that gleaned Kate’s mention but the special gift they received from Richard Branson. Kate Winslet apparently rescued his mother from a burning building in 2011 (huh?) and so he is showing his gratitude by gifting Kate and new husband Ned with a Virgin Galactic Space Flight. The A List is clamoring for this flight and so far Russell Brand and Ashton Kutcher are confirmed guests!

Tonight’s extra full moon is the last of 2012. Usually there are 12 full moon a month. The moon 29.5 days to complete its orbit however result in a moon sometimes being full twice in one month – say once in a blue moon. Still in December, full moons seem rounder and right now with the alignment differences we have a more interesting illumination of the moon. The tides are a bit stronger, but as you now know, it isn’t the end of the world!

You heard me speak of SpaceX rather often and yes they have done it again. Previously Lockheed had a monopoly of sorts as far as the government contracts went; taking up satellites and such. Now that SpaceX has proven itself capable of traveling to the ISS with cargo, dropping it off and returning, SpaceX has won the right to take part in these missions as well. I am not a big finance person and so while I saw the help in cost to us all and to the companies involved I didn’t forsee the contracts with the government now being something that several companies would be capable. This is good news! A glass of bubbly to SpaceX!!

You are of course aware that we, the USA, have had many missions to Mars with many rovers, but were you aware of the 2003 mission from the UK where the Mars Express was taking a rover named Beagle2. This mission did not quite go as planned and unfortunately the Beagle portion was a failure, but the Mars Express was a complete success. Marlargue, a new space tracking station powered up earlier this month to receipt of the above photo of Mars from the Mars Express which will be in operation until 2014, orbiting Mars.

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